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Cognizant Ventures Corporation will be a service-centered business that offers modern, one-of-a-kind places to groups and individuals. It will bring great space environment and experience and adept and friendly service to members and patrons.


The company will bring together businesses and professionals from diverse backgrounds in a single warm workspace; thereby, boosting their capacity to grow and thrive in their duties.

Daily Grind Coffee Shop

Welcome to the latest coffee shop in the south! A modernist take on professionalism and productivity with comfort and enjoyment at arms’ length; the Daily Grind Coffee Shop serves traditional and special hot and cold drinks, pastries, and snacks for you to enjoy.
We are committed to providing the best coffee experience for you. This is why we take coffee quality very seriously. Thus, we only use premium, high-quality coffee beans, with distinct flavor and aroma and rich taste, to serve our customers. What a way to start the day.
Daily Grind Coffee Bar
coworking spaces

Daily Grind Coworking Space

Experience the newest coworking space where you can focus on tasks at your own comfort, pace, and convenience—while being surrounded by equally passionate individuals. Daily Grind Coworking offers the perfect place to spend your busy workday.
We offer a host of workspaces that include plug-and-play coworking, pop-up, virtual, and private offices; meeting and conference rooms; and venue for events. Redefine your typical work environment—brew your success and choose the Daily Grind Coworking Space today!
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