Health Benefits of Coffee: Reasons to Enjoy Your Favorite Caffeine Drink

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A coffee a day keeps the doctor a way. Are you a certified coffee lover? Good news! Aside from their satisfying rich aroma and strong flavor, coffee drinks are also proven to give us added perks. Learn more about the health benefits of coffee from the newest coffee shop and coworking space in the south—Daily Grind Coffee Shop.

What are the Top Health Benefits of Coffee?

Is coffee part of your daily (or nightly) routine? Don’t worry, for here are more reasons to love your favorite cup of coffee drink. Listed here are the top 7 health benefits of coffee, based on science and research.

1. Boosts Your Energy

A regular cup of coffee contains natural stimulants called caffeine. This substance activates the brain and central nervous system. When absorbed in the blood stream, caffeine blocks adenosine and makes way for other neurotransmitters to take effect. This results to higher energy levels and improves various aspects of brain function.

2. Improves Your Focus and Mental Performance

Aside from boosting energy levels, a cup of coffee can also help your mind stay focused on your tasks. According to a research published in the National Library of Medicine, “caffeinated coffee had a beneficial effect on alertness and improved performance on a variety of tasks in both day and night sessions.” In support to this, the European Food Safety Authority study says that the right amount of caffeine could lead to improved “cognitive and mental performance.” This includes aspects that include, among others, learning, memory, and reasoning.

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Health Benefits of Coffee: Reasons to Enjoy Your Favorite Caffeine Drink 1

3. Helps You Burn Fat

Among the benefits of coffee cups, weight loss is one of the most enticing. Not only does caffeine work wonders on the mind; it also aids your body’s fat burning rate. Healthline says, caffeine is “one of the few substances known to help mobilize fats from your fat tissues and increase metabolism.” This makes caffeine one of the most used substances in common fat-burning supplements today.

4. Reduces the Risk of Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Alzheimer’s is a brain disease that destroys memory, thinking skills, and body movement. It is also a common form of dementia among older adults. The National Institutes of Health says that “more than 5.5 million Americans, most of them age 65 or older, may have dementia caused by Alzheimer’s.”

Despite the absence of cure for this brain disease, there are ways to prevent this from taking place. This is one of the benefits of coffee. Several studies suggest that drinking 3-5 coffee cups a day during midlife could decrease the risk of getting this disease in later life.

5. Lowers the Risk of Type II Diabetes

Type II diabetes happens when the pancreas can’t produce enough insulin to control the amount of glucose in the body. Meanwhile, one of the many benefits of coffee is that caffeine can decrease insulin sensitivity and impair glucose tolerance. Of course, this is given that coffee is not packed with high amount of sugar or syrup.

6. May Lower the Chance of Getting Certain Types of Cancers

Various research journals suggest that good amount of coffee is not related to any cancer risk. In fact, a recent blog from Cancer Connect says that it could even help reduce the risk of certain types of cancers. This includes liver cancer, prostate cancer, and skin cancer.

7. Brightens Mood

Having a bad day? Grab a cup of coffee to brighten up your mood! Scientists say that the caffeine found in coffee is enough to stimulate the release dopamine. Dopamine is a brain chemical that influences mood and produces feelings of happiness or euphoria. So, with the right amount of coffee, you’ll be able to have better days and might reduce the chance of depression.

Overview of Different Coffee Types

If you’re a fan of coffee or a frequent café goer, perhaps you’ve already heard about Arabica, Robusta, Liberica, and Excelsa. Know more about your coffee! So the next time you go café hopping, you’ll be able to enjoy and appreciate coffee even more. Learn about the four main types of coffee beans and coffee roasts through this helpful guide from Daily Grind Coffee Shop.

How Much Coffee is Too Much?

Aside from its rich taste, coffee also gives off this flavorful aroma that entices us to take a sip. No wonder, coffee has become one of the most consumed drinks around the globe. In the Philippines alone, Statista survey says that 3.4 million 60 kg bags of coffee were consumed in 2019. But as much as we wanted to drink coffee all day, there is still a recommended amount of daily caffeine intake.

According to Healthline, 400 mg of caffeine per day—or around four cups (945 ml) of coffee—is safe for most healthy adults. Having that said, those with health issues must still consult their doctors for safety.

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Regular Coffee vs Decaf Coffee

Despite the handful health benefits of coffee that they can have, some people can’t enjoy it fully due to various health reasons. Also, high amount of caffeine isn’t advised for pregnant women. But don’t worry; you can still enjoy the taste of your favorite drink in low amount of caffeine.

Decaf or decaffeinated coffee contains around 97% less caffeine than regular coffee or instant coffee. Through this, you’ll still be able to drink and reap its great health benefits without causing further trouble.

Types of Coffee Drinks from Daily Grind Coffee Shop

Read on below for the types of coffee drinks offered by Daily Grind Coffee Shop.

Strong and Black Coffees

Want to enjoy the early-morning benefits of coffee down to the last drop? If you’re looking for a coffee drink that could surely wake you up, then Espresso Shot or Americano is your way to go. These coffee drinks don’t have any milk or syrup, making its flavor full and strong.

Milky Creamy Coffees

For those who are not fan of bitter coffee but still want that caffeine kick, you can always opt for the creamy sweet types such as Latte, Flat white, Mocha, and Macchiato. These coffee variants are composed of coffee mixed with warn milk or foam.

Cold Brew Coffees

Cold brew is a type of coffee drink wherein the coffee grounds are mixed with water, and kept in a fridge overnight. Others prefer this kind of coffee drink because it is believed to have lower acid levels than regular espresso.

Matcha Lovers

Matcha or green tea drinks are becoming popular these days, especially for those looking to enjoy the benefits of coffee without having to consume one. Aside from its earthy taste, café goers also choose this drink because of its added nutrients. Make your drink unique by having Matcha Latte with added Espresso Shot! This drink gives you that tea leaves taste with a kick of caffeine.

Decaf Drinkers

For those who are looking for lesser amount of caffeine, you can always try decaf coffee. There are many brands out there that offer decaf instant coffee and you can find one in your local markets. This option is best for those with health issues or pregnant women.

Despite the lockdowns due to COVID-19, the demand for coffee has remained. Even though there are areas that restrict café dining, the Filipinos’ love for coffee simply can’t be stopped. Thanks to modern technology, you can now grab Daily Grind Coffee drinks through food delivery apps! View our menu and place orders through Daily Grind Coffee Shop in Foodpanda and get the health benefits of coffee while staying indoors. Check our Facebook page for more details.

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