Stay Productive by Heeding These Team Meeting Tips (Plus Types of Team Huddles to Try Today)

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Team meeting: Is it an essential part of the team’s success? Each of us has their own take on this one. You may be the type of person who enjoys initiating one. Or you could be the other person who’s not looking forward to taking any part of it at all. However, let’s admit it: Having team meetings is part of being employed, of working together to achieve a common goal. They are vital, yes; but not all the time they serve their intended purpose.

In this article, we’ll first talk about the main functions of a team meeting. What is it? Is it a must? Should you participate in it? Can you decline a meeting invite? Should it be a face-to-face or online meeting? Second, let’s look at the different types of meeting you’re actually doing or can try. Last, let’s discuss the ways on how to facilitate team meetings, and how you can make attending one worthwhile.

Functions of Team Meetings

By definition, team meetings are scheduled events when employees discuss specific agenda or topic lists, planned ahead of time by the one who initiated and set the meeting. Usually, the agenda is pre-listed by the meeting leader to guide and direct the whole discussion.

Truly, we can all agree that using emails and messaging apps can accomplish a lot of tasks. But we can never deny that live, in-person huddles are vital, efficient, and productive—when set at the right time and with the right purpose. Primarily, a team meeting aims to promote collaboration among the team. Here are the other functions of a team meeting:

  • Give chance for employees to share new knowledge and expertise
  • Brainstorm and plan for fresh ideas for future projects
  • Align the group’s common goals and values
  • Resolve existing challenges and urgent concerns
  • Set plans to achieve key performance indicators
  • Strengthen the group’s relationship through team-building activities
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Stay Productive by Heeding These Team Meeting Tips (Plus Types of Team Huddles to Try Today) 1

Is it required to set a meeting for the team? Yes, absolutely, especially when team effort is needed. Aside from this, there are tons of benefits the group (and each member) will gain! Some include building up the team’s professional relationship and improving in communication and social skills.

Should you attend a meeting? Can you decline an invite? For the first question: Yes, it is a must to attend a set meeting. For the second question: Yes, as long as you have a much more important task to accomplish or if the meeting schedule conflicts with another appointment. In these situations, note that you must politely decline the invite.

Types of Team Meetings

Do you know that there are several types of meetings in the workplace? Aside from the meeting leaders, the attendees should also know these types in order to prepare beforehand. Doing this will save a lot of time during the meeting, and will surely help the team meeting succeed.

Moreover, you’ll notice that no group chat can overpower all these three meeting types.

1. Kickoff Meetings

Did you close a deal with a new client? Is there an upcoming project for the team? Then a kickoff meeting is the perfect type team collaboration for you.

This type of team meeting involves lots of fresh info and details. Here, the team can discuss expectations, goals, deliverables, and—most importantly—timelines. Though there is a leader, it’s crucial to have the whole team align with the deadlines and tasks. Why? To set a realistic expectation for each team member.

How to make kickoff meetings productive:

• Inform attendees of the goal of the meeting
• Tell them to prepare themselves in planning and expounding ideas
• Notify them to set a draft of deliverables based on the goal of the meeting
• If available, send decks and any other details to help the team prepare for the kickoff meeting
• Have the team prepare sets of questions and allot a time for questions and answers

2. Brainstorming Meetings

Do you need help in solving a problem? Are you about to start that new project with a client? If so, then, you need a group creativity technique.

Enter brainstorming meetings, which aim to solve a problem or start a new project. This team meeting is a place where all ideas are gathered without judgment and criticism. After gathering the ideas, the whole team must evaluate together to minimize biases.

How to make brainstorming meetings work:

• For team leaders: Listen to all the voices. List down every single idea—even those which you think won’t work
• For team members: Don’t put too much pressure to be creative and to contribute. Creative juice must come naturally, not forced. Thus, if you think your ideas are terrible, don’t hold back. Tell them anyway
• Tip for everyone: Don’t expect that a single brainstorming session for a project will iron things out. While it does work for some instances, most of the time it just won’t do the trick
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Stay Productive by Heeding These Team Meeting Tips (Plus Types of Team Huddles to Try Today) 2

3. Onboarding Meetings

Do you have new hires? It’s a must to set an onboarding meeting with them. It’s not a one-time thing—you need to set several meetings to train and help them get familiarized with their role, the team, and the company.

Also, it’s vital for you to converse and build rapport with them to make them comfortable and at ease. Giving them a cup of coffee and a slice of cake wouldn’t hurt, either.

How to make onboarding meetings fruitful:

• Prepare the agenda beforehand
• Make sure to prepare a deck to make the team meeting more presentable
• Let the new hires speak by asking them questions
• Let them ask questions, too
• Set a one-on-one for training and group meeting for the team to get to know the new hires
• For group setup, have a fun ice breaker or two

How to Facilitate Effective Team Meetings

Team meetings are necessary. However, not employees think it’s worthwhile to attend one. Why? This is because among meeting leaders, only a handful of them plan—like, really plan—ahead of time. Yes, we can’t say there is a perfect team meeting. Nonetheless, we’re also sure there is a well-planned and effective one. And the team surely loves that!

To help you prepare facilitate an effective team meeting, here are a few tips for you.

Team Meeting Tips

  • Decide the kind of meeting you’ll have. Is it going to be online, in-person, or hybrid?
  • Send an invite via email. Include the type of meeting, the agenda, and the expectations. If you have a deck, attach it in the email as well.
  • Set a time for the meeting—and stick to it. Avoiding overtime is a way of respecting your team’s roles and duties.
  • Empower team members to speak. Be interactive during team meetings. If you have a deck, you can present first. Afterwards, let your members ask you questions. Then, ask them questions, too! Doing this will actually help you determine whether they fully understood the discussion.
  • Prepare team-building activities. This will help you break the ice for the team and set the tone of the event.

For online meetings, try several virtual team-building activities such as virtual lunch, quiz nights, online escape rooms, mystery experiences, or hyper casual games!

For in-person meetings, try playing games like 2 Truths and a Lie, trivia games, puzzle games, or board games! The best way for you to break the ice here is to offer a cup of coffee or two!

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Stay Productive by Heeding These Team Meeting Tips (Plus Types of Team Huddles to Try Today) 3

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