Choosing the Coffee Flavors for Your Trusty (and Perfect) Everyday Companion

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We all know that coffee has been a staple nowadays, from yuppies to adults alike. There will always be someone within your circle who drinks (and breathes) coffee religiously. And who could blame them? Drinking coffee dates back to the 15th century, so it is no surprise that people are still in a state of frenzy when it comes to coffee. Because of coffee’s rich history, new coffee flavors and innovation around how people drink coffee have emerged.

These little—or sometimes big—cups of energy boosters are not just a blast for your adrenaline; they are also a wondrous treat for your taste buds. Some might even say that coffee now runs in their blood. Another reason coffee shops and emerging trends regarding coffee have been in widespread nowadays. Exploring coffee flavors would be very tedious given that present times have already paved the way for new ones. For what it’s worth, a cup of coffee has now become more than just hot water and crushed beans.

Different Types of Coffee

A quick fun fact: the Philippines is one of the few countries that produce all four viable coffee varieties. Hence, before we venture into the flavorful world of coffee, let us first get to know the different types of coffee beans. Read more below to get to know more about these and the coffee flavors they offer.

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1. Arabica

This is the most popular type of coffee bean around the world. Although widespread worldwide, Arabica beans are also considered pricier given that they are also the most high-quality variety. If you are a fan of smooth, flavorful, and less bitter coffee flavors, then Arabica coffee beans are what you need. Caffeine-wise, Arabica beans also have less caffeine content compared to other coffee beans.

2. Robusta

Known as the less expensive variety, this budget-friendly coffee does not disappoint when it comes to rich coffee flavors. Robusta beans are often mixed into coffee blends. For the taste, Robusta beans offer stronger and bitterer coffee flavor. It also has significantly more caffeine than Arabica beans. So, if you are on the lookout for a rich and strong coffee, Robusta coffee is the brew for you.

3. Liberica

Liberica beans are known for its powerfully robust and nutty coffee flavor mixed with a distinct aroma. Locally known as Barako, Liberica beans have been a local favorite when it comes to coffee. Kapeng Barako gives off the strong and rich coffee flavor that most coffee connoisseurs look for. If you’re on the lookout for the best Liberica Beans, you can find it here in the Philippines.

4. Excelsa

If you want a unique coffee flavor focusing on fruity taste, Excelsa beans are the one for you. It is also lighter on aroma and caffeine. Again, Excelsa beans are most commonly found in Southeast Asia, especially here in the Philippines.

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Coffee Flavors for All Moods

When enjoying a cup or two of coffee, whether you want it hot or cold depends on mood and general preference. While some consumers love their caffeine fix hot, others prefer the other way around. Hence, we’ve listed a few coffee flavors, both hot and cold, that you could enjoy on any given day.

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Some like their coffee flavors hot…

Although, as mentioned before, people now have the liberty to be creative when it comes to coffee, let us take a look at some of the common coffee brews that are enjoyed when served hot.

1. Black

Simple and basic. Black coffee is the most basic brew, with just ground coffee beans drenched in hot water. Although considered the simplest brew, no one can ever go wrong with a cup of black coffee. If you are going after the natural coffee flavors of the bean itself, brew yourself a cup of black.

2. Americano

Somewhat similar to black coffee, it is simply just an espresso shot diluted in hot water. To get the most coffee flavor, some people debate on whether you should put hot water or the shot first.

3. Latte

One of the popular selections, latte is composed of a shot of espresso with steamed milk and some foam. New coffee flavors and varieties for the simple latte have now emerged since you can just simply add anything to your latte and basically create the flavor that you want.

4. Cappuccino

Our first entry for the sweet tooth! Cappuccino is made with latte but with more foam than steamed milk. Cappuccinos are often served with cinnamon on top or, sometimes, cocoa powder. Just like lattes, you can be creative when it comes to adding flavor and can even use cream instead of milk for a richer experience.

5. Espresso Shots

Sometimes served on its own, espressos are small, concentrated shot of coffee. Likewise, espresso shots are also used as a foundation for other coffee variants. If you want a very rich coffee flavor with a strong kick of caffeine, espresso shots are what you need.

6. Doppio

Basically a double shot of espresso, this is perfect for pick-me-up days.

7. Macchiato

An espresso-based drink with steamed milk and sometimes, some foam on top. In comparison with latte, macchiato is much stronger in terms of flavor and caffeine.

8. Mocha

Mocha coffee is what you would get when you add espresso, milk, and chocolate. Also gearing for the sweet tooth, mocha coffee is often a crowd favorite, especially if you want to enjoy a coffee flavor that is less bitter but still has that caffeine kick that you need.

9. Flat White

Similar to a latte, flat white is an espresso with a very thin, flat layer of steamed milk. If you are a fan of “milky” coffee flavors, treat yourself to a hot cup of flat white.

10. Ristretto

An espresso shot but with less hot water. Because of this, it is a sweeter selection compared to an espresso but still retains that intense coffee flavor.

iced coffee is one of the popular coffee flavors

…while others like them not.

Living in a tropical country, you sometimes find yourself wanting your daily dose of caffeine that cools and refreshes you at the same time. Fear not, for we have also prepared a selection of iced and cold coffee flavors for you to explore.

1. Affogato

Is it a dessert? Is it a drink? It is both! Affogato is an espresso shot served with a scoop of ice cream. Who says you cannot be fun and sweet while enjoying a cup of coffee?

2. Iced Coffee

Often found being held by yuppies. Some might say that iced coffee is most enjoyed with your metal straw. Iced coffee is basically coffee with cream or sugar plus ice.

3. Iced Espresso

Simply an espresso with ice. You can also be creative by adding milk, cream, or sweetener.

4. Cold Brew

For rich coffee flavor that are less bitter, cold brew is the perfect brew for you. Cold brew is made by steeping coarse-ground coffee in cold water for at least twelve hours. Because of this, cold brews are often viewed as the fanciest iced coffee variant.

5. Frappuccino

One of the most recent addition in the coffee family, Frappuccino—or frappe for short—is a blended iced coffee drink topped with whipped cream and syrup. Frappuccino is usually made using different flavors. If you want to be creative with your cold coffee cups, then a frappe is the one for you.

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