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ergonomic coworking space

Here’s How to Find the Ideal Work Environment (That’s Conducive to Your Productivity)

Businesses take an extra mile to maximize the potential of employees. Some of them even offer money, cars, and costly gifts, doing so to gain loyalty and increase productivity. Others give incentives like paid holiday …

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black coffee with beans

Health Benefits of Coffee: Reasons to Enjoy Your Favorite Caffeine Drink

A coffee a day keeps the doctor a way. Are you a certified coffee lover? Good news! Aside from their satisfying rich aroma and strong flavor, coffee drinks are also proven to give us added …

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brainstorming and collaborating in a coworking space

How to Brainstorm Effectively (and How Coworking Spaces Boost Brainstorming Session Productivity)

We’d like brainstorming sessions to be productive, but it takes effort to have everyone contribute meaningful and creative ideas. When mismanaged, a brainstorming session can yield unsatisfactory solutions. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many to …

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picture of coffee beans

The Ultimate Guide to the Different Coffee Types (from Coffee Beans to Coffee Making)

A cup of coffee or two for a young working professional like you. You’ve probably noticed how coffee has become a vital part of one’s daily life. From the moment you wake up to the …

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