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furniture inside small coworking spaces

Why are Small Coworking Spaces Best for You and Your Business?

Coworking, the sharing of office spaces with other professionals and businesses, has become mainstream in today’s age. Given the state of our new normal, both big and small coworking spaces are spread across the country …

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Professionals enjoying coworking space benefits

Coworking Space Benefits: Perks for You to Reserve One

With COVID-19 still present globally, particularly in the Philippines with over 500 thousand cases recorded by the Department of Health, people are strongly advised to stay at their homes to help stop the virus from …

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office space with wooden table and black chair for remote work setting

Remote Work: Your Helpful Guide in Mastering Work-From-Home Jobs

The global pandemic has affected not only the health and business sectors, but also our own lifestyle. While remote working has been around for years, it has become more apparent today due to lockdowns. Learn …

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Empty coworking space

The Rise of Coworking Industry in the Philippines: The Trend of the Era

This 2021, people hope for better days and better chances to achieve their dreams. Students and professionals continue to work to get closer to their goals. Although the pandemic is yet to end, these people …

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