Coworking Space Benefits: Perks for You to Reserve One

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With COVID-19 still present globally, particularly in the Philippines with over 500 thousand cases recorded by the Department of Health, people are strongly advised to stay at their homes to help stop the virus from spreading. On the other hand, the business sector stresses the importance of keeping the business running amid the pandemic to make ends meet. Hence, to continue their operations in the new normal, many companies in the country have enforced work arrangements to adhere to safety measures, including work from home and remote work. Through these, they can still provide service to their clients, meet set deadlines, and go on with their set-forth goals and missions.

However, these work settings are not highly recommended for startups and small businesses that need face-to-face interaction among their staff to efficiently complete their tasks. In addition, these work arrangements require enough preparation. This involves securing a functional PC or laptop, stable internet access, uninterrupted and emergency power supply, and of course, a conducive working environment. Surely, not all pros have these basic working necessities. If that’s the case, you can always count on coworking spaces. Hesitant about hiring one? Well, I’m sure you are. But hold on. We’ve listed some coworking space benefits that will surely impress you.

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Coworking Space Benefits: Perks for You to Reserve One 1

Coworking Space Benefits

As professionals, we don’t want to work in a space where distractions and interruptions are all over the place, right? Having that said, here’s a rundown of coworking space benefits you can get if you consider reserving one.

1. Offer a great ambiance for working.

Many coworking spaces offer positive environment for working. They give an air of productivity and creativity to spur their clients into action. Like a traditional office, there are also private meeting rooms for teams as well as dedicated desks for each person. Some coworking spaces are extraordinary while some are basic. Nonetheless, both promote a working environment conducive to results. Don’t miss your chance to enjoy this quality service for a cost-effective fee.

2. Provide fast internet connection.

Since most clients are digital savvy, fast Wi-Fi is a must. Obviously, you won’t prefer a place where the internet affects your work. Slow net speed is a no-no, especially since business owners usually close their deals online. Also, clients who present pitches, write articles, and design a site need a stable, fast internet connection. Check the internet connections first to ensure that the coworking space can provide you uninterrupted net speed that you’ll need.

3. Increase opportunities for networking and collaboration.

One of the coworking space benefits: You get to widen your network and meet potential clients. People working in shared spaces usually share the same job type or even niche. It’s a great chance for you to connect and build strong relationships with them. You never know, your roommate might be your next client. Additionally, it’s one of the ways to gain new knowledge from different and like-minded people.

4. Provide greater flexibility.

The coworking’s benefit to many is its flexibility—in plan, cost, and even space. For plans, there are both short- and long-term plans. You can try flexible desks for a one-time try or dedicated desk for long-term work. For cost, the rates vary depending on hours, months, and inclusions. Last, for space, coworking also offers various rooms which you can rent. Some are virtual offices while others are conference rooms.

5. Bring a sense of community.

Working in a coworking space may give you the sense like you’re part of a community with shared goals. You’d also get motivation seeing professionals working and hustling. This, in turn, boosts the morale of many employees.

6. Offer beverages partnered with snacks.

This is one of coworking space benefits awaiting you. Remember, you can’t work properly with an empty stomach. So, having a coffee shop near or inside the area is totally a great idea. Work at your own pace with coffee or tea on your side to boost your energy for the day. Also, the bittersweet aroma of coffee is enough to wake up your mind throughout your working hours.

7. Arrange seat plans.

Unlike traditional offices, shared spaces house various individuals or teams. But even though they technically share a single floor or room, it is pertinent to give each one enough amount of privacy. Having seat plan options is one of the best ways to achieve this. Check if the coworking space has enough dedicated desks or conference rooms for you and your team.

8. Guarantee stable security system.

Security is one factor that you must consider when choosing the best shared office for you. Check if the area has installed CCTV cameras for added safety. It’s also a plus if they have attendants or guards to check those who enter the area. This is crucial for you and everyone else’s safety.

9. Reduce operating costs.

Building your own office requires a lot of funds. But in a coworking space, you can run your business without investing too much money. Additionally, one of the coworking space benefits is that you can use the office facilities with flexibility and avail other perks depending on your desired rate.

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Coworking Space Benefits: Perks for You to Reserve One 2

Factors to Consider When Looking for a Coworking Space

After considering the coworking space benefits you and your team can reap, are you ready to reserve a workspace? Before anything else, here are some factors you (and your team) need to consider when looking for a coworking space.


Location is the first thing you must consider. Assess if the location is reasonable for commuting from your home, especially these times where there are high cases of COVID-19. Aside from this, check if it’s convenient for your team to travel far to go to the workspace.


Next on the list is the cost. One of the reasons why we choose a coworking space instead of establishing our own office is to save budget. Ask if they offer a cheap yet long-term solution for you or your team. Assess if the costs justify your needs.


Part of the inclusions and terms is the use of equipment and facilities. Inquire about the meeting areas, rooms, desks, parking, back-up power, and pantry.


What kind of community does this coworking space have? Does it cater more to SMEs or freelancers? Is the place too noisy or crowded for your liking? Assess if you’ll grow in network once you reserve your space there.


Plan ahead how long you plan to stay there. Do you see yourself working in this environment once your team has expanded? Does the coworking accommodate your needs as a freelancer or pro? Do they offer discount rates?

COVID-19 Restrictions

Since the pandemic is not yet over, check if they comply with the protocols set by the government, such as practicing social distancing, filling in documents for contract tracing, and disinfecting the areas on a regular basis.

coworking space in Berlin
Coworking Space Benefits: Perks for You to Reserve One 3

The All-in-One Coworking Space in the South

From the coworking space benefits to the factors you should consider when looking for a coworking space, Daily Grind Coffee Shop and Coworking should be on your top list. Aside from its coffee shop with finest and tastiest beans and fixings from the top sources, Daily Grind also offers great, affordable office solutions and services where you can feel a communal atmosphere as you connect with other professionals while maintaining your privacy through your personal workspace. Additionally, if you’re in the south and near Metro Manila, you can save time on your commute since you don’t need to travel far. Remember, location must be your top priority given our situation today.

Since Daily Grind is just around the corner, you can visit us at the Ground Floor of FilWeb Asia Building, Maharlika Drive, United San Pedro Subdivision, Barangay San Antonio, San Pedro City, Laguna. Got questions? Contact us today!

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