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barista brewing- coffee using espresso machine

Choosing the Coffee Flavors for Your Trusty (and Perfect) Everyday Companion

We all know that coffee has been a staple nowadays, from yuppies to adults alike. There will always be someone within your circle who drinks (and breathes) coffee religiously. And who could blame them? Drinking ...
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bring your coffee lover friend to a café for a coffee-cup conversation

Brew-mance: Winning Over Coffee Lovers

Can’t buy them love, but you can buy them coffee. Imagine, if you will, thinking of the perfect treat for your good friend, the coffee aficionado. This ultimate coffee lover usually thinks of coffee first, ...
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black coffee with beans

Health Benefits of Coffee: Reasons to Enjoy Your Favorite Caffeine Drink

A coffee a day keeps the doctor a way. Are you a certified coffee lover? Good news! Aside from their satisfying rich aroma and strong flavor, coffee drinks are also proven to give us added ...
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picture of coffee beans

The Ultimate Guide to the Different Coffee Types (from Coffee Beans to Coffee Making)

A cup of coffee or two for a young working professional like you. You’ve probably noticed how coffee has become a vital part of one’s daily life. From the moment you wake up to the ...
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Coffee Shop at Home

Quarantine Food Guide: Satisfy Your Cravings for Coffee Shop Treats

Miss café hopping? Craving for coffee shop treats? Worry no more! We’ve listed the best coffee shop in San Pedro, Laguna that can serve you hot or iced-cold coffee and other tasty goodies, right at ...
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