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employee exercising workplace safety measure by spraying alcohol to clean office equipment

Workplace Safety and You: What Do You Need to Know?

In any workplace, ensuring workplace safety is important to preserve the productivity and wellbeing of every employee. Without proper maintenance of workplace safety, accidents, injuries, and illness can happen frequently at a workplace, which will ...
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happy team brainstorming ideas

Stay Productive by Heeding These Team Meeting Tips (Plus Types of Team Huddles to Try Today)

Team meeting: Is it an essential part of the team’s success? Each of us has their own take on this one. You may be the type of person who enjoys initiating one. Or you could ...
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ergonomic coworking space

Here’s How to Find the Ideal Work Environment (That’s Conducive to Your Productivity)

Businesses take an extra mile to maximize the potential of employees. Some of them even offer money, cars, and costly gifts, doing so to gain loyalty and increase productivity. Others give incentives like paid holiday ...
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brainstorming and collaborating in a coworking space

How to Brainstorm Effectively (and How Coworking Spaces Boost Brainstorming Session Productivity)

We’d like brainstorming sessions to be productive, but it takes effort to have everyone contribute meaningful and creative ideas. When mismanaged, a brainstorming session can yield unsatisfactory solutions. With the COVID-19 pandemic forcing many to ...
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furniture inside small coworking spaces

Why are Small Coworking Spaces Best for You and Your Business?

Coworking, the sharing of office spaces with other professionals and businesses, has become mainstream in today’s age. Given the state of our new normal, both big and small coworking spaces are spread across the country ...
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Professionals enjoying coworking space benefits

Coworking Space Benefits: Perks for You to Reserve One

With COVID-19 still present globally, particularly in the Philippines with over 500 thousand cases recorded by the Department of Health, people are strongly advised to stay at their homes to help stop the virus from ...
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Empty coworking space

The Rise of Coworking Industry in the Philippines: The Trend of the Era

This 2021, people hope for better days and better chances to achieve their dreams. Students and professionals continue to work to get closer to their goals. Although the pandemic is yet to end, these people ...
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Woman working in a coworking coffee shop

Coworking Cafe: The Newest Hub for Professionals on the Go

Stress, pressure, and mundane tasks may rob us of motivation to work productively. All these coupled with challenges brought by remote work setup and unstable Wi-Fi connection may trigger bigger problems such as work burnout. ...
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Coworking Space in Laguna

What Does it Take to Be the Best Coworking Space?

Since the beginning of this COVID-19 pandemic, many companies have begun shifting from typical office work setting to remote working setup. This gives them the opportunity to comply with the changing health and safety mandates ...
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